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        Our Products
        About Us
        EASTAK INTERNATIONAL is a professional agriculture company,who focus on agriculture production and trading. We aim to be the best supplier of Africa product resource.

        Our company located in Cote d Ivoire (our farm s location,the resource) and HONG KONG (Sale and finance centre). 
            We export product as below:
            Spices:Annatto seed/gain roucou,nutmeg bean,black pepper,white pepper,dry pepper,dry ginger,
            Bean:soybean,mung bean/green bean,white bean,cocoa bean,coffee bean,raw cashew bean
            Grain:white corn,yellow corn,cassava,natural Honey
            Oil Product: peanut,white sesame,black sesame,palm nut,cotton seeds,palm oil, cotton seeds oil,
            Medicine product: Griffonaia seeds,Voacanga seeds,Melegueta pepper/ Grain of paradis,
            Fruit: pineapple, coconut, mango,banana,avocado,passion fruit
            We have owned farm,our end to end supply chain can help us supply you high quality and low price product, we can be your best supplier of Africa resource.If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us.
        Contact Us

        Cote D'ivoire office(Africa resource center)
        :zone 4 , Marcory, Abidjan,Cote D'ivore
        E-mail: eastak@hotmail.com
         What's App: 008613006618487
         Line App:13006618487

        HONG KONG office(Sale and Finiance center)
        E-mail: eashtech@hotmail.com

        Sale Service
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